At a very early age, I expressed the confidence within me through what I wore.  What I wore, spoke to people.  

Armed with color, brass and a whole lot of sass, I’ve navigated life armed with lessons from my grandma on fashion.   Whether proportions, fit, fabric or finding the best deals across New York City, my grandma taught me the very best in creating stellar looks. 

It became clear that my informal training in the world of fashion could benefit others. Casual visits to friends’ houses became closet editing and styling sessions. Co-workers would often pull me into their offices for very serious meetings on…updating their look.  My text messages were filled with friends, associates and family who wanted my guidance on styling, from work to weekend to every day outfits.  

I realized this was a service people needed, and I could provide.


I started Little Red Look because colors, clothes and accessories are a language to me and I wanted to help others translate who they are through their wardrobe. Growing up, wearing red was...frowned upon - but I never felt more powerful than the day I put on…a Little Red Look.